Anthology Announcement

I have officially purchased 14 short stories for the first Acidic Fiction anthology. These stories were chosen from the stories published on the site in 2014; stories published in 2015 will not be eligible until the next anthology. In addition to their quality and originality, these stories feature a wide variety of different genres, settings, characters, and voices. I feel that they provide a good representation of the first few months of the magazine.

The first anthology will be called Acidic Fiction #1: Corrosive Chronicles and will contain the following stories:

Lester and The Doctor
H. C. Duncan

Roll the Sky
Yegor Chekmarev

Fredrick Obermeyer

Divine Organ
Madeline Popelka

Julio Toro San Martin

Sean Moreland

P. R. O’Leary

Jean Davis

Plastic Teeth
A. P. Sessler

Charles Ebert

Clinical Trial
Daniel Devine

Her Father’s Eyes
Simon Kewin

Sierra July

The Deal
Aline Carriere

I haven’t chosen cover artwork yet, but I will begin laying out the interior and post another update in the next month. The anthology should be available as a paperback and Kindle eBook by the end of March.