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The very first Acidic Fiction Anthology!


Acidic Fiction #1: Corrosive Chronicles is a collection of 14 stories originally published on the site in 2014. The anthology is available as a paperback (US $11.99) and Kindle eBook (US $3.99). Any purchase of the paperback from will include a free copy of the eBook. Here is some additional info:

Acidic Fiction #1: Corrosive Chronicles

ISBN: 978-0692403471

Paperback on
eBook on

Furthermore, Acidic Fiction now has an official Patreon page! Any donation of $4 or more will earn readers a digital copy of the newest anthology in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats.

For future reference, links to anthologies and the Patreon page will be available on the “Support” page, which is now listed in the menu at the top of the site. Please check out the new anthology and continue to support Acidic Fiction by reading all the new stories every Monday and Friday!