The Slow and Painless Death of Acidic Fiction

After nearly a year of working on Acidic Fiction, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that this magazine will not be viable in the long term. There are a few reasons—the most obvious of which is a lack of funding—but my biggest concern is that it’s preventing me from focusing on my own projects. My own career (such as it is) will have to become my primary focus again.

I do think the magazine has been a good use of my time, and I also think I have done a good (or at least adequate) job of supporting authors with token payments and constructive feedback. The stories on the site are all excellent, and I plan to continue maintaining the archive for current and future readers to explore.

However, I will no longer be considering new submissions. Once I finish reading my current backlog of submissions, I will publish a few more stories on the site before the end of June, depending on how many I decide to accept.

I still intend to release a second anthology this fall, containing the best short stories published on the site in 2015. The anthology will probably come out in August or September, depending on how much time I have to devote to other projects once June is over.

After that, the world will be a little more basic.