Acidic Fiction is a free online magazine for contemporary speculative fiction exness. The magazine publishes two short stories every week, on Monday and Friday. All stories on the website have a contemporary setting, taking place within roughly the past hundred years or the next ten.

Acidic Fiction’s objective is to draw on ideas from speculative fiction to explore everyday life in a new light. Contributors to the magazine are up-and-coming writers who can tell entertaining and engaging stories.

Genres Acidic Fiction Publishes:

Fantasy – Stories that feature an inexplicable story element from outside the bounds of contemporary human understanding.

Science Fiction – Stories with a fantastic element that can be explained (to some degree) using scientific concepts and principles exness thailand.

Horror – Stories with an element of science fiction or fantasy that invoke a sense of horror or terror.

Slipstream – Stories that take place in a surreal, strange alternative to the real world.

Magic Realism – Stories that explore fantastic concepts in a realistic way.

Other Subgenres – Because there are so many subgenres in speculative fiction, stories on the site will simply be categorized as Fantasy, Science Fiction, and/or Horror based on their central story elements.

Genres Acidic Fiction Does Not Publish:

Romance (or Erotica) – Stories focusing primarily on romance (or sex) where the speculative fiction element is incidental to the plot.

Fan Fiction – Stories that use copyrighted or trademarked characters, settings, or concepts.

Derivative Works (including Parodies) – Stories that require knowledge of another creative work in order to be properly understood. In rare instances, stories that draw ideas from very famous works in the public domain may be accepted.

Nonfiction – Stories from history (including an author’s personal history) that are purported to be factual exness th.

Mature Content Policy

Stories on the site may contain mild violence (superficial descriptions of violent acts and depictions of ordinary injuries) and mild sexuality (sexually suggestive language and characters engaging in foreplay). Stories with more substantial violence will be marked [V]; Stories with more substantial sexuality will be marked [S]. Any stories with potentially disturbing content will be categorized as Horror. Profanity and offensive language are not generally marked.

Website Design

Acidic Fiction is powered by WordPress and uses a modified version of the Twenty Fourteen theme by wordpressdotorg. All Acidic Fiction logos, icons, banners, and backgrounds were designed and created by scriptDance Design.

The Acidic Fiction “Staff”

Acidic Fiction’s editor-in-chief and sole employee is Steven x Davis.

Contemporary Speculative Fiction Short Stories Every Monday and Friday